Dr. Chopra takes on Siroworld 2017

Dr. Chopra recently traveled to Las Vegas to participate in Dentsply Sirona World 2017, a three-day educational festival. Thousands of dentists and dental professionals (8,000+!) came together to learn, network, and have amazing talks and entertainment by industry leaders, plus Will Smith, Simon Sinek, and Imagine Dragons.  And among the thousands, Dr. Chopra found plenty of people she knew!  She’s used to attending Endodontics meetings, so as she said, “It’s nice to think outside of the box a bit!”

Dr. Chopra with our practice coach, Ragan Hartmann from Fortune Management:

Will Smith was the keynote speaker!

Spent time with Dr. John Kempter (on the gondola, with the Gondolier!)

Simon Sinek, the author, motivational speaker and marketing consultant (check out his book “Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action”):

Hello to Eric Duncan, our Dentsply/Sirona rep:

Ran into Dr. Matt Hubis of Midland, NC – we’re all far from home!

Fun to run into old friends, like David Spring. It’s been 14 years!