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Give Teeth a Chance

Give teeth a chance

“Every tooth has a story – and it’s amazing when you can explain to a patient their tooth story.”



Ballantyne Endodontics invites you to participate in an awareness campaign called Give Teeth A Chance. In short, we’re spreading awareness about root canals and all the remarkable benefits a root canal can bring you. 

Most people don’t realize that there is somebody special out there whose whole job is to perform root canals. Endodontists carry a knowledge that root canals are technique sensitive. They’re difficult, and require the right skills in order to perform one correctly. When we ask most people what an Endodontist is they say they’ve never heard of one and couldn’t tell you our purpose. 

Enter the Give Teeth A Chance campaign. We want to show people out there that there’s a way to save your natural teeth. Our passion is to save your teeth – not to pull them out. A lot of people give up and take the easy way out – pulling the tooth. We want to start the fight to save it. 

Your mouth is a gateway to the rest of your body. Healthy mouth = healthy life. There is nothing better than your own tooth and when we can show people the value of saving your teeth, then we’ll have more people living a healthier lifestyle. 

When people understand what’s going on with their teeth and their mouth – that fear of the dentist, fear of root canals, disappears and they actually want to set their treatment and want to go through with the procedure. It is no longer a place that they dread. 

 So join us in sharing images, sharing stories, and sharing a common cause that natural teeth are worth saving. 

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