Patients Agree: We’ve Got Your Back.

If your dentist has recommended you see an endodontist in Charlotte, NC, reviews can help you feel great about the referral.

Hear what our patients are saying! We want you to be confident that Ballantyne Endodontics is the right choice for you.

Lucky for you, we’re basically perfectionists. We aren’t satisfied just to provide quality endodontic care. We want to make sure you feel heard, respected, and cared for.

“I am deathly afraid of the dentist. So a root canal had me in panic mode. The staff and doctor were amazing. I can’t say enough of the bedside manner, professionalism, and they explained everything to me. I HIGHLY recommend them. I experienced zero pain throughout the procedure.” -Bob

“I had kind of a great experience?!? Wasn't expecting to say that about my root canal. Was able to get my consultation and surgery done, all within less than 30 hours of originally contacting them. They were kind, competent, and honest while diagnosing me, explaining expectations and pricing, and doing the procedure. I feel great!” -Sarah

“I think it is fair to say that nobody likes a root canal—your tooth hurts and you feel miserable to start with. Ballantyne Endodontics made the whole experience something I did not expect. I was met with professionalism and fantastic care—the procedure was not easy but my infected tooth got fixed perfectly and was 95% pain free the very next day. After treating my tooth at Ballantyne Endodontics, I feel like I got a new lease on life. The infection had been there for a very long time and I was feeling tired from it—now I feel full of energy and life like I am years younger than before. I warmly recommend Ballantyne Endodontics to anyone that needs their teeth taken care of in a very professional way. Who knows? Maybe I did knock a few years off during my treatment!” -Tommy

“I was recently referred to Ballantyne Endodontics by my dentist for a root canal. It was the Monday before Christmas, and they still managed to see me despite how busy they were. The office staff was welcoming, friendly, and highly competent. I had the procedure right after the holiday and Dr. Reiter was fabulous! She was very thorough and even said she would call me to check in. Well, she actually did! I received a call from her personally. How often does that happen? I am very impressed and would highly recommend this practice.” -Valerie

“Dr. Chopra is incredibly friendly and makes you feel comfortable about a usually unpleasant procedure. I’ve had three root canals, and this past one was my fourth. Out of all of them, this was by far the best treatment I have received. I was able to listen to music to relax. All my questions were answered and it went by quickly.” -John

“Dr Tadrissi is really great. He was calm and made sure I was comfortable during the procedure and cleared up my concerns. He is knowledgeable and easygoing. I recommend this facility.” -Srujana

“From the moment I called for a consultation, I received consistent, professional, courteous, efficient, and thorough service. Dr. Tadrissi and Kelsey were informative about the work, were very gentle, and made sure I was comfortable—I can’t believe I fell asleep during the procedure! Their written post-operative instructions were followed and assisted with this pain-free experience.” -Cindy

“I am deathly afraid of going to dentists. I’ve had several bad experiences. Well not at this place!! The staff and doctor were all amazing. They were kind, patient, explained everything, and best of all… root canal and zero pain. I was amazed that I never felt a thing. Can’t recommend this place enough. Thank you for restoring my faith in dentists once again.” -Robert

“Unfortunately I needed two root canals this year, but Dr. Reiter is amazing! Super friendly staff, and, best of all, no more tooth pain.” -Gary

“After having a horrifying root canal experience 20+ years ago, I was pretty unnerved when my dentist sent me for one at Ballantyne Endodontics. However, Dr. Chopra was wonderful. She assured me she could numb my tough-as-steel gums, and she did. I felt nothing as she did her thing. The next day, I still felt nothing—not any tenderness anywhere. Now I know there is a place I can trust if I ever need another root canal.” -Lynne

“I have never had a root canal that was painless, until Dr. Chopra! My experience was fantastic. I have had almost no pain. Her staff makes you so comfortable. Everyone was so nice. A big shout-out to Dr. Chopra and her staff.” -Kathy

“Dr. Tadrissi was amazing and went above and beyond for me. He called me personally after my procedure to check in with how I was doing and to follow up on a question I had. He was very sympathetic and patient and answered all my questions, explaining each step along the way. Nobody really wants to go to an endodontist, but the folks here made everything as painless as possible.” -Kathy Beth

“If you have to have endodontic work done, then this is the place! Efficient, friendly, caring, and prompt! Thank you Ballantyne Endodontics!” -Eunie

“I am a retired dentist from Florida, and I was in town visiting my daughter for Thanksgiving. What do you know, I got a severe toothache. Upon recommendation from a dental colleague, I saw Dr Tadrissi. They squeezed me in the afternoon before Thanksgiving. Thank goodness, I got relief. He even gave me his personal cell phone in case I had problems. Thanks a lot, Ballantyne Endodontics!” -Lorenzo

“Dr. Chopra was very informative during my evaluation session. I loved the fact that they have the latest technology and it was a pain-free experience. It was better than I anticipated. I especially enjoyed not having anything go into my mouth during the root canal procedure. (CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY!) Dr. Chopra and her team were kind, compassionate, and comforting during the procedure. They made me feel so relaxed. I recommend Ballantyne Endodontics for a root canal procedure. You will not be disappointed.” -Mchelle

“I am terrified of the dentist and even more scared of the endodontist. But Dr. Chopra and her staff were AMAZING! They were really sensitive to my needs and I felt no pain at all. Highly recommend (and I am picky!)” -Jill

“Everyone at Ballantyne Endodontics was professional and caring. I received excellent treatment from the entire staff and especially my endodontist. I would highly recommend this practice. They have the latest technology and work with you through the entire process.” -Brenda

“Dr. Chopra is the absolute BEST!!!!! This was my first root canal ever, and the only painful part was the numbing of my gums. From that point on, I’ve felt no pain, I’m post root canal day number two, pain free!! Highly recommended!” -Tamisa C

If you've got to have a root canal, this is the place to go. Dr. Tadrissi and his staff are awesome! The dental assistant was so kind and comforting, and the endodontist was as gentle as it gets. This was actually my second root canal....and Ballantyne Endo makes the experience a truly easy one. I highly recommend them!” -Eve

“My first time coming was for a consultation and treatment plan. The doctor and staff were all really nice and comforting. Once I had to come in to get my root canal done, the whole thing was such a different experience than I’ve had with root canals before. Better equipped technology and procedures. I was very satisfied and happy, feeling like I was in good hands.” -Krystal

“Dr Mark Tadrissi was kind, compassionate and—most importantly—extremely skilled! The day after my procedure, I had mild tenderness. Hands down, the best practice to go to if you’re apprehensive/scared of dental work. The staff are so supportive and well trained.” -Tracey

“Hands down, the best experience I had seeing a dentist. Came in as a referral from my primary dentist because I needed an advanced scan on a tooth that also became discolored. Scheduled a root canal and bleach treatment and that was done in a timely manner and shockingly painless and ended up with no pain afterwards. Could not be happier with the results and I highly recommend Dr. Chopra and her team!” -Han

“Dr. Reiter and her team at the Ballantyne Endodontics are the best. They are professional, friendly, extremely helpful at explaining the problems and the treatment process, and make you really feel at home. I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort at all during or after my procedure. Very happy with my experience and highly recommend Dr Reiter at Ballantyne Endodontics!” -Jerry

“I had to be seen for an emergency situation. I had never been to this office. My regular dentist referred me, and this office immediately accepted the referral, and I had a same-day appointment. They took me back within 10 minutes, and I was out of there in less than an hour. The staff is so friendly and organized. They do a great job explaining the details. Someone even came in the room, sat down and went through all the billing and treatment details. They make sure you understand everything and leave there with all the information you need. Everyone was very respectful and kind. I absolutely loved it! Such a great experience.” -Sohini