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Case Study: Trauma Results in Abnormal Root

The Patient: A 46-year-old male patient was referred to our practice to evaluate tooth #9 (central incisor). There was a history of trauma about 10 years prior. He fell off his bike and hit his face on the ground and suffered abrasion and bruising only.

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Case Study: Endodontic Surgery Is Not Always The Answer!

The Problem: The patient had no history of pain, however, upon evaluation his general dentist noticed something suspicious on his x-ray and he was referred to our office. The clinical evaluation was insignificant, there was no pain to temperature or tapping. Thorough discussion with the patient revealed the true dental history of tooth #14.

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Case Study: Upper Premolar with 3 Roots

be-collage-1-newThis Cone Beam Case Study is a recent patient who presented to our office with an infection after a previous root canal treatment. Follow her journey through diagnosis and treatment with Ballantyne Endodontics.

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Ballantyne Endodontics Holiday Party!


Another year has come and gone and we couldn’t have done it without our amazing Ballantyne Endodontics family. Saturday we celebrated the holidays and our staff at O-ku Sushi in South End followed by a night of dancing! See pictures below of the great time we had!

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