Biological Root Canal: What Happens During The Procedure

biological root canal

Key Takeaways: Nature of a Biological Root Canal: A Biological Root Canal is a specialized dental procedure performed by an endodontist to address infections in the tooth’s pulp and nerve. It focuses on using natural and biocompatible materials, such as bioceramics and advanced irrigation, to promote healing and reduce the risk of infection recurrence. Procedure…

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Biological Root Canals: A Guide

biological root canals

Key Takeaways: Biological Root Canals Prioritize Natural Healing: The biological root canal is an enhancement of traditional root canal treatments. Using minimally invasive instruments, advanced irrigation technology and biocompatible sealers, it strives to preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible while supporting the body’s natural healing processes—thus decreasing reinfection risk and supporting long-term vitality.…

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Consequences of Delaying a Root Canal

consequences of delaying a root canal

A twinge of tooth pain sends you to the dentist, thinking you may have a developing cavity in need of a filling. Instead, the dentist informs you that you need a root canal.  The idea of a root canal sounds unpleasant, so instead of finding an endodontist to schedule the procedure, you wait. After all,…

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Endodontic Surgery vs. Root Canal: What is the Difference?

endodontic surgery vs. root canal

If you have a severe toothache, you may need to see an endodontist, who will be able to thoroughly examine your teeth to determine the source of the pain and the way forward. Depending on your needs, your specialist will consider endodontic surgery vs. root canal treatment and work with you to decide which option…

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Do I Need a Root Canal If I Have No Pain?

do I need a root canal if I have no pain

People are often surprised to learn they need a root canal, especially if they are not experiencing any discomfort. If this is the case for you, you may be asking, “Do I need a root canal if I have no pain?” While it is true that many people who need one experience some degree of…

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Endodontist Vs. Oral Surgeon: What Is The Difference?

endodontist vs oral surgeon

If you are like most people, you are familiar with your general dentist, whom you see twice a year for preventative health care, examinations, cleanings, and routine dental care like filling cavities. You may be unfamiliar with dental specialists like endodontist vs. oral surgeon. What is the difference?  Specialists complete general dental training just like…

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How Do You Get An Abscess Tooth & What Are The Treatments

how do you get an abscess tooth

Sometimes patients ask us, “How do you get an abscess tooth?” Considering the pain a dental abscess causes, we think it is crucial for everyone to understand the causes and symptoms of an abscess. Too often, people ignore the symptoms as long as they can, which can complicate matters down the road. With prompt dental…

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When Is It Time To Have A Tooth Pulled

can you pull a tooth that needs a root canal

Sometimes a patient asks, “Can you pull a tooth that needs a root canal?” While extraction is sometimes the only option for a tooth, the goal of a root canal is to save the natural tooth whenever possible.  Please be aware this article is for educational purposes only. It would be best to see a…

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Can A Tooth Infection Be Cured With Antibiotics?

can a tooth infection be cured with antibiotics

If you are experiencing throbbing pain around a tooth, you may wonder whether you have a tooth infection. If you do, you may also wonder, “can a tooth infection be cured with antibiotics?”  Unfortunately, treating a dental infection usually involves much more than antibiotics. Sometimes the best treatment may not include antibiotics at all. To…

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What Is Considered A Dental Trauma?

what is considered a dental trauma

As endodontists, we treat patients who have experienced serious dental trauma. We take pride in our ability to get to the root of the problem and relieve patients of pain. About Dental Trauma Sometimes people ask us, “what is considered a dental trauma?” Dental trauma is any kind of injury to the mouth that impacts…

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