What Can Be Done When a Tooth Breaks

what can be done when a tooth breaks

Many people have nightmares about dental emergencies. Hopefully, you will never experience one, but a little knowledge can save your teeth if you do. To start, learn about what can be done when a tooth breaks. Please note this article is purely for educational purposes. Knowing a few basics can empower you to seek quality…

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Does A Cracked Tooth Need To Be Pulled?

does a cracked tooth need to be pulled

Sometimes patients ask, “Does a cracked tooth need to be pulled?” If you recently learned you have a cracked tooth, you may feel anxious about losing the tooth. However, if you see an endodontist, you may not have to lose that tooth after all! Please remember this article is strictly educational and not intended to…

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What to Do if Your Tooth Breaks. Our Guide:

What to do if your tooth breaks

Even if you take good care of your teeth, accidents happen! Teeth can unfortunately break. The good news is we can help! Take a moment to learn what to do if your tooth breaks. Honestly, we hope you will never need our guide to what to do if your tooth breaks! But if you do,…

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Cracked Teeth: Preventing and Treating The Ow

There are many different types of cracked teeth, that can show a variety of symptoms, including erratic pain when chewing, possibly with release of biting pressure, or pain when your tooth is exposed to temperature extremes. In many cases, the pain may come and go, and your dentist may have difficulty locating which tooth is…

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What To Do If You Have A Cracked Molar

What should you do if you or anyone in your family has a cracked molar? Doing things like biting into ice or hard candy, or having a tooth grinding habit, can lead to a cracked tooth. Your molars are particularly vulnerable to cracks because they absorb most of the force during chewing.

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