What Should I Do If I Have a Toothache?

what should I do If I have a toothache

If you are in pain, we are here for you. Sooner or later, most people experience a toothache. Sometimes it may be a throbbing pain centered around one tooth, or it could be a more generalized ache. If you are currently experiencing either of these, you may wonder, “what should I do If I have…

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Why Does My Tooth Hurt When I Drink Something Cold?

Have you ever felt thirsty and reached for a refreshing beverage, only to experience a jolt of pain with your first sip? If so, you may have asked yourself, “Why does my tooth hurt when I drink something cold?” When it comes to your teeth, pain is often a warning sign that something is wrong.…

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My Tooth Hurts When I Chew. Why?

Patients often mention, “my tooth hurts when I chew.” They are looking for answers, as well as relief from the pain. As endodontists, we frequently see patients with this issue. There are a variety of possible causes of this kind of pain. In this article, we will share a few for the purposes of education.…

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Tooth Injury Symptoms: What You Need to Know

Tooth injury symptoms

Tooth injuries are not always as obvious as a missing or dislodged tooth. Injury may occur in portions of the tooth that you cannot see. To avoid losing your tooth permanently, or if you are worried from your Cracked or Chipped Tooth, know the most common tooth injury symptoms, and what to do when they…

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How Do You Treat an Abscessed Tooth?

how do you treat an abscessed tooth

Sometimes patients ask, “how do you treat an abscessed tooth?” If you are asking that question, we hope this post will be reassuring. With prompt, professional care, a dental professional or endodontist can effectively treat an abscessed tooth. Any painful dental concern requires professional care, and this blog post is no substitute. It isn’t intended…

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What are the top reasons for tooth pain?

reasons for tooth pain

Has a toothache or other pain ever kept you up at night? Pain often calls attention to a dental or medical issue that needs addressing. There are many possible reasons for tooth pain; in each case, your dentist is your first point of contact in relieving the pain. Tooth pain is more than just a…

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