Endodontist Steele Creek, NC

If you need an endodontist, Steele Creek, NC, is a wonderful place to be. Steele Creek is a thriving community near Charlotte, NC, and it is an area with access to top-notch dental care.

The team at Ballantyne Endodontics proudly serves the Steele Creek community and other surrounding areas. We offer compassionate care and modern technology, so if you need a root canal, Steele Creek, NC, is just an easy drive to our office.

If you live in Steele Creek or are simply there for a visit, you may be interested in learning about some things to do in or around the area.

Activities to Enjoy in or Near Steele Creek

If you fancy a meal out, Steele Creek has several unique restaurants in addition to your favorite chain restaurants.

Exercise your creativity at Cajun Canvas with a friend or on a date. There is something soothing about creating art in a relaxed, low-pressure environment.

Let off some steam by hitting a few golf balls at Topgolf. Afterward, relax by one of the fire pits on their rooftop terrace.

If you like a problem-solving challenge, the Escape King's escape room is a fun activity for your family or a group of friends.

Take a stroll at the Walker Branch Greenway for fresh air and exercise.

If you are more of a thrill seeker, visit Carowinds amusement park to ride the Carolina Cyclone roller coaster or the Boogie Board Racer water slide.

While a root canal probably isn’t at the top of your list of fun ways to spend the afternoon, successful endodontic care improves your quality of life long term. Plus, with the help of an experienced, compassionate endodontist, you will be able to feel much better and restore your oral health.

Providing Quality Endodontic Care to the Steele Creek Community

For most people, a root canal provides relief from pain. Endodontists are specialist dentists who strive to save natural teeth and restore wellness.

Often a root canal is a last and best alternative to an extraction. Extraction is the removal of your natural tooth, which nothing can perfectly replace—even an implant. While dental implants are beneficial for some people, nothing is quite like your natural teeth because your teeth fit together uniquely. Maintaining your natural teeth means you also keep your own smile!

The team at Ballantyne Endodontics is passionate about its commitment to resolving root pain for Steele Creek residents.

Founder Dr. Sonia Chopra, D.D.S., knows firsthand how successful endodontics improves one’s life. She sometimes describes herself as the “ultimate dental patient” because she has received so much dental care due to dental issues she was born with. Quality endodontic care put her on the path to wellness and freedom from pain. She draws from this experience as she provides compassionate care mixed with technical excellence in the field.

Dr. Mark Tadrissi, D.D.S., considers himself a problem solver who aims to get to the root of the problem to resolve his patients’ dental pain. Often people don’t realize that the complex nature of the root system means even experienced general dentists sometimes can’t find and treat the source of the problem. Dr. Tadrissi has 15 years of combined experience in general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and endodontic care.

Dr. Tanya Reiter, D.D.S., brings her commitment to excellence and sincere compassion to the table. She specializes in surgical endodontics treatment. She demonstrated this commitment to excellence throughout her academic life, resulting in her being in the top 10% of her class at dental school.

If you live in the Steele Creek area and need a root canal, retreatment, or other Endodontic care, we are here for you. Ask your dentist to make a referral or contact us today for more information.

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