Biological Root Canals: A Guide

biological root canals

Key Takeaways: Biological Root Canals Prioritize Natural Healing: The biological root canal is an enhancement of traditional root canal treatments. Using minimally invasive instruments, advanced irrigation technology and biocompatible sealers, it strives to preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible while supporting the body’s natural healing processes—thus decreasing reinfection risk and supporting long-term vitality.…

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Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

benefits of root canal

If the thought of a root canal makes you feel uneasy, it’s time to consider all the benefits of root canal treatments. When a diseased tooth is causing severe pain, a root canal may be the best way to end that pain and restore health and comfort. A root canal is here to help you…

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Consequences of Delaying a Root Canal

consequences of delaying a root canal

A twinge of tooth pain sends you to the dentist, thinking you may have a developing cavity in need of a filling. Instead, the dentist informs you that you need a root canal.  The idea of a root canal sounds unpleasant, so instead of finding an endodontist to schedule the procedure, you wait. After all,…

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What is a Ballantyne Endo Root Canal

what is a ballantyne root canal

If you’re new to our practice, you may wonder, “What is a Ballantyne root canal?” What makes our root canals special? At Ballantyne Endodontics, we aim to relieve pain, save natural teeth, and provide a comfortable and positive experience for all our patients. Plus, we use state-of-the-art technology to provide unparalleled patient care and consistently…

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Do I Need a Root Canal If I Have No Pain?

do I need a root canal if I have no pain

People are often surprised to learn they need a root canal, especially if they are not experiencing any discomfort. If this is the case for you, you may be asking, “Do I need a root canal if I have no pain?” While it is true that many people who need one experience some degree of…

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What is a Gentlewave Root Canal procedure?

Gentlewave Root Canal, Gentlewave Root Canal Procedures and Benefits

We are proud to offer state-of-the-art treatments such as GentleWave to our patients. Sometimes patients ask us what is the GentleWave root canal procedure and why we recommend it? GentleWave is a minimally invasive option to standard root canal treatment. This patented technology uses acoustic energy to thoroughly cleanse and disinfect the root canal system.…

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Why Choose an Endodontist

Endodontists are specialists in saving teeth, committed to helping you maintain your natural smile for a lifetime. They have at least two years of additional education to become experts in performing root canal treatment and diagnosing and treating tooth pain. If you are experiencing tooth pain, you can choose to see an endodontist. Your general…

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