What Can I Eat After A Root Canal?

what can I eat after a root canal

If a root canal is in your near future, you probably have questions about what to expect. No doubt you are eager to move on with your life without the pain that led to you needing a root canal in the first place. You can set yourself up for a smooth and successful recovery by…

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5 Myths About Root Canals

myths about root canals

Over the years, there have been many myths about root canals. Sometimes these myths get in the way of people seeking treatment that can help end their pain. We want to take a moment to clear up five myths about root canals. As endodontists, we truly believe in root canals and their ability to save…

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Why Should Your Endodontist Conduct a Cold Test for Root Canal Pain?

Patients often ask about the diagnostic tests we perform to make sure we understand what’s happening with your teeth. Since the tooth’s root system is tiny and complex, we use a variety of diagnostic tests to help identify the source of the pain. One of the simplest—and most powerful—is the cold test. Good news: if…

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TEDx Topics: Dr. Chopra Presents Modern Day Root Canals

tedx topics

Did you know that your teeth are the gateway to your body? Dr. Sonia Chopra wishes more people knew the positive impact of endodontics on their health. That’s why this was one of her primary TedX topics at her recent Tedx Talk. Ballantyne Endodontics founder, Dr. Sonia Chopra, DDS, spoke at TEDxFarmingdale on Long Island…

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Reinfected Root Canal: How This Happened & What to do:

reinfected root canal

As endodontists, we sometimes treat patients who have a reinfected root canal. Often those patients ask how this happened and what to do about it. Whether we are retreating from work done by a different dentist or our own work, we strive to restore the patient’s wellbeing. This article isn’t a substitute for medical care,…

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Your Top Root Canal FAQs Answered!

root canal faqs

If you just learned that you or a family member needs a root canal, chances are you have some questions. You are not alone. Patients frequently ask questions about root canals and endodontic treatment. We hope this guide on root canal FAQs helps you make informed and empowered choices. It isn’t a substitute for personalized…

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Do I need a Crown after a Root Canal?

do I need a crown after a root canal

Sometimes patients ask – Do I need a crown after a root canal? They wonder if it’s enough to just see the endodontist. Like many questions patients ask, the answer is nuanced. In short, it depends on the condition of your tooth, the location in your mouth, and your preferences. We’re going to dig into…

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Surgical vs Non-Surgical Root Canal. Our Guide:

surgical vs non-surgical root canal

Patients sometimes ask about the difference between a surgical vs non-surgical root canal. We hope this guide clarifies this for you and serves as a guide to help you make the best oral health decisions for yourself or your loved ones. After all, here at Ballantyne Endodontics, we believe in empowering our patients. This article…

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Top Benefits of the GentleWave Root Canal Procedure

gentlewave root canal procedure

If a dentist recommends you for a root canal, understand that it will keep you from losing the tooth. Plus, with upgraded techniques, such as the GentleWave root canal procedure that we offer here at Ballantyne Endodontics, you can get a high-tech alternative to traditional root canals that provides the following benefits to patients and…

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Tooth Injury Symptoms: What You Need to Know

Tooth injury symptoms

Tooth injuries are not always as obvious as a missing or dislodged tooth. Injury may occur in portions of the tooth that you cannot see. To avoid losing your tooth permanently, or if you are worried from your Cracked or Chipped Tooth, know the most common tooth injury symptoms, and what to do when they…

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