What Does Out-Of-Network Mean In Dental Care

what does out-of-network mean in dental care

Sometimes patients ask, “What does out-of-network mean in dental care?” You may save more money if you opt for in-network dental care, while an out-of-network dentist can be more expensive—but the financial difference may be much less than you think! As we like to say here at Ballantyne Endodontics, “out-of-network” doesn’t mean “out-of-service.” Understanding your…

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Meet Dr. Tadrissi: Your Endodontic Technology Specialist

endodontic technology

Mark Tadrissi, D.D.S., is a problem solver and dentistry is one way he solves problems and makes patient’s lives better. As an Endodontic Technology Specialist, he offers solutions and relief for painful dental problems that are often hidden without a careful evaluation from a skilled endodontist. He strives to offer compassionate care and make each…

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Meet Dr. Reiter: Your Endodontic Surgery Specialist

dr tania reiter

Endodontist Tanya Reiter, D.D.S. approaches each day with a comprehensive, patient-centered approach to treatment. She strives to excel in everything she does, which is why she ranked within the top 10% of her class at dental school. Dr. Reiter is still at the top of the class! Right from the start, she was trained through…

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TEDx Topics: Dr. Chopra Presents Modern Day Root Canals

tedx topics

Did you know that your teeth are the gateway to your body? Dr. Sonia Chopra wishes more people knew the positive impact of endodontics on their health. That’s why this was one of her primary TedX topics at her recent Tedx Talk. Ballantyne Endodontics founder, Dr. Sonia Chopra, DDS, spoke at TEDxFarmingdale on Long Island…

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How To Choose a Top Endodontist in Charlotte, NC

Top Endodontist in Charlotte NC

If you need a root canal or treatment for tooth trauma, you may be wondering whether you should see your dentist or a specialist. An endodontist is a specialist who focuses on these treatments and seeks to restore health and balance to your mouth. Seeking care from a specialist increases the likelihood of successful treatment.…

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Meet Dr. Chopra: Your Endodontic Diagnosis and Retreatment Specialist

endodontic diagnosis

Endodontist Sonia Chopra, D.D.S., offers a unique mix of passion, expertise, and professionalism to her Charlotte, North Carolina area patients. She describes herself as “the ultimate dental patient,” she was born without eight teeth and experienced a wide range of dental treatments in her early life. Her life turned around when a compassionate and skilled…

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The Importance of Surgically Clean Air During COVID-19

surgically clean air

During these uncertain times, we all breathe a little easier with Surgically Clean Air. People are more aware than ever of the air they breathe and share with others thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak. Even in the best of times, many people dread spending time in a dental waiting room. We like to defy those…

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4 Tips to Help Understanding Your Dental Insurance

understanding dental insurance

Click to watch VIDEO TIPS to help understanding your dental insurance above, and read on for more: You may not realize it, but dental insurance is completely different than medical insurance. Because people use their medical insurance more, they may get confused about the differences. We meet with so many patients who are not in…

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