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Endodontist Tanya Reiter, D.D.S. approaches each day with a comprehensive, patient-centered approach to treatment. She strives to excel in everything she does, which is why she ranked within the top 10% of her class at dental school.

Dr. Reiter is still at the top of the class! Right from the start, she was trained through a technology-driven curriculum that enables her to combine the best of modern technology with an “old fashioned” patient-centered approach.

She started her dentistry career serving our nation. She completed a general practice residency at the VA in Aspinwall, PA. Dr. Reiter said she felt humbled by having the privilege of treating “our nation’s heroes.” She was able to help veterans save their natural teeth and saw first hand what a difference it makes. This experience was life-changing and inspired her to pursue a specialty in endodontics.

Like Dr. Chopra, Dr. Tadrissi, and Dr. Reiter all share a common passion for saving natural teeth and restoring them to health!

Focus and Specialization

As your Endodontic Surgery Specialist, she seeks the most likely treatment to have the best outcome for the patient. If you need surgery, you are in good hands with an endodontist with Dr. Reiter’s blend of compassion, tech-savvy, and studious work ethic.

Professional Background

Before joining the team at Ballantyne Endodontics, Dr. Reiter was at Aspen Dental as their Managing Clinical Director General Dentist and spent a year as a resident with the Pittsburgh VA Health Care System.

Dr. Reiter’s commitment to her education was clearly demonstrated through her academic success while studying at the following universities:

  • University of Pittsburgh, Endodontics Residency
  • The University of Maryland, Doctor of Dental Surgery
  • University of Maryland, B.S. – Biological Engineering

Favorite Things To Do When Not at Work

Thanks to growing up in Toronto, Dr. Reiter has been a lifelong ice hockey fan since five. She played competitive travel hockey up until college. One highlight was when she skated at the Verizon Center during half time of a Washington Capitals game!

She lives with her husband and their baby girl. She said that she dreamed of moving to the Carolinas with her husband for years. In 2018, their dream came true when she accepted her dream job at Ballantyne Endodontics!

endodontic surgery

Outside of work, Dr. Reiter enjoys time with her family and friends. She is also a keen world traveler. Some highlights include a trip to Hiroshima, Japan, and a visit to one of the seven world wonders — Petra in Jordan.

Favorite Charlotte Community Memory

Dr. Reiter and her husband used to hold a monthly blind wine tasting event at their house. They are far from being wine sommeliers however. 

Each guest would bring two of the same bottles of wine covered by a paper bag to hide its identity. The person who brought the highest ranking wine would get to take home all of the second bottles for their home collection. There would always be a theme, like “cats” or “Halloween”. You get extra points for how closely your wine matches the theme. Everyone would all blind taste the wines and rank them using descriptive terms like “contemplative” and other phrases that would both be incomprehensible or extremely contradictory (dry but sweet). Then, everyone would go around the room and read them all aloud. This was the most entertaining part of the entire evening! 

One evening, to the group’s surprise, two guests brought the exact same bottle of wine. One ranked the best and the other the worst! Everyone all had a great laugh. Dr. Reiter would like to continue this tradition in Charlotte. She would also like to invite you to try this game yourselves!

Next Steps: Schedule an Appointment with a Top Endodontic Surgery Specialist

We understand that the prospect of an endodontic surgery specialist makes some patients feel anxious. We also know that there are many misconceptions about endodontic treatment. Dr. Reiter and the team love helping restore wellness and relieving pain for members of the Charlotte, North Carolina community.

If your dentist recommends endodontic surgery, ask for a referral to Ballantyne Endodontics. We combine the best in leading technology, a compassionate patient-centered approach, and specialized dental expertise.

Visit the Ballantyne Endodontics to learn more about scheduling an appointment or asking for a referral.